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Welcome to CDCS - Chew Digital Computer Services

Are you 50 or over? Do you want be online? No problem, CDCS is here for you. You don't need to have the internet or go anywhere as we can come to you, making the whole expereince more comfortable for you or we offer over the phone support service too.

We can help you to use the internet safely, use emails, shop online, ordering photos, birthday cards, sending letters and much more.

Form as little as £12.50 per hour our service gives you peace of mind to being online without the hassle or stress plus over the telephone help is offered too ensuring you always have the help you need.

Regardless of what device your using whatever help you need with it, we're just a phone call away. 

To find out more or get started contact us here or tel: 0797 969 5757.

Quick glance at what CDCS can help with:

  • Mobile Phones (Apps Etc)
  • Emails Programs
  • Sending Letters
  • Shopping Online
  • Social Profile
  • Sending Photos
  • Using the Inernet
  • Anti Virus software

CDCS is a new service provided by Chew Digital helping everyone from all ages


CDCS can help you with your online needs?

We offer our services and help to anyone of any age if you want to be online.

You don't need to have the internet, you don't need to go anywhere either.

We come to you, if you already have a computer, laptop or other device we will help you and teach you to use them in the best way for you. 

We'll make sure your device is secure for you and show you how to browse online safely and what to look for when shopping online. Email might seem like a big problem but it doesn't have to be, we will look after you with what ever your computer or device needs maybe. 

Regardless of what device your using whatever help you need with it, we're just a phone call away. 

To find out more or get started contact us here or tel: 0797 969 5757.


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